The Heuristic Yoga - Foundation Level course is designed for students who wish to extend their understanding of yoga and enrich their personal development. 
The course is designed to provide an opportunity for self-exploration through an introduction to the history and practices of yoga, within the framework of classic yoga philosophy.
This online version of the course is based on the Yoga Foundation Course which was created for East Down Institute, Northern Ireland in 2005, with a City and Guilds award. The course has now been adapted to meet the needs of students who do not have the time or live too far away to attend formal tuition on a regular basis and whilst it follows the guidelines set by City and Guilds, is not accredited by them.
Although the course is designed as a stand alone course it does provide the fundamental knowledge and a strong foundation for students who wish to undertake further study to obtain professional level qualifications as Yoga Instructors, Restorative Yoga Practitioners or to take their understanding of yoga into the areas of Health and Social Care, Education and The Workplace.