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In the last 10 years Alistair and The Yoga Studio in Newry, Co.Down, have offered classes and workshops on a range of yoga and yoga related topics. The studio was closed at the end of 2015 in order to allow Alistair to concentrate on more personal tuition, workshops and online training. The Yoga Studio Ireland website has now been redirected to this site - www.yogastudiointernational.com where you will find information about all ongoing workshops, classes, training and allied activities.

Alistair has also returned to more personal creative activities and you will find information about these on the www.alistairlivingstone.com website. 


Heuristic Learning (Heu·ris·tic (hy-rstk) adj.)

All classes, workshops and training with Alistair are based on this educational principle:

“ in which learning takes place through discoveries that result from investigations made by the student”.


Yoga and Meditation Classes

Alistair only accepts a small number of students at any one time, in order to support individual needs and aspirations.

A General Class is offered at the Cloughmore Centre in Kilbroney Park and more Meditation based Yoga classes are at our small private studio in Rostrevor.

Follow this link to find an up to date class timetable: Yoga and Meditation.


Private Consultations

Alistair specialises in yoga and homeopathy for medical and non-medical conditions. Having studied and practised yoga and homeopathy for over thirty years, he trained as a yoga therapist at the Yoga Biomedical Trust in London and has worked with and assisted people across a broad range of condititions. If there is a condition that you think he may be able to assist with, please contact us.

For more information go to: Private Consultations


Professional Yoga Training

Alistair in collaboration with notable internationlly rcognsied tutors has developed a number of professional training courses in yoga that have been widely recognised as some of the most comprehensive and individually tailored courses available inIreland

Over the last five years these courses have been developed so that they can be delivered as Open Learning Online Courses. Taking advantage of modern technology and an heuristic approach which recognises the timeless understanding that "yoga can only be learned by its practice", Yoga Studio International is now able to offer the Foundation Level Course and a new Restorative Yoga course online with mentored support. 


Foundation Level Yoga Course

The Foundation Level course is the basis for all Yoga Studio International accredited yoga certificate courses.

It was originally developed at East Down Institute, N.Ireland in collaboration with City and Guilds to meet perceived International standards in yoga learning. It is now being offered purely as a personal development course, requiring no written work or assessment or as a CPD Certificate course or for studnts intending to pursue Yoga at a higher level, as a Graduate Diploma for practioners who wish to use it as a platform for professional training.

The Diploma and Certificate level courses involve written assignments and mentored assessment. 

For further details and to register go to: Yoga Foundation Course